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Best Practices for Attending a Remo Event

You’ve been invited to attend your first event on Remo, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! To help you prepare for an immersive and interactive experience, we’d love to offer you a list of best tips and practices that you need to know before you join your first event.

In this article, we’ll cover:

How to register for an event on Remo

How to join an event on Remo

How to create a profile

Which operating device and browser works best for Remo

Checklist and preventative measures to get the best user experience

How to register for an event on Remo

  • Click on the link given to you by the event organizer.

  • Click ‘Register for Event’.

  • Enter the email address that you want associated with Remo, and then click ‘Continue’. If you already have an account, you’ll just be asked for your password.

  • If this is your first time on Remo, you’ll also be asked to enter your full name and create a password. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your event registration.

  • Once you have registered for the event, you will see a ‘Registration Confirmed’ button that has been grayed out.

How to join an event on Remo

  • To join your event, click on the link provided to you by the event organizer. It will take you to the event landing page, where you can click ‘Join Event’.

  • If you have already registered for your event, you will be asked to enter your email and password associated with your account.

  • This will then prompt a System Check to see if your mic, camera, and speaker is working properly or if an ad blocker is blocking the page. Once you get the ‘System Check Passed’ Message, click on ‘Join Event’.

If you’ve already disabled your ad blocker and you’re still getting a ‘System Check Failed’ message, click ‘Join Event’ anyway and get help from a tech once you’re in the event.

  • Once you’re in the event, a pop up will appear, prompting you to watch a one minute video on ‘Remo Quick Tips’. Watch the video and then click ‘Awesome. Let’s begin.’

How to create a profile

To start enjoying the event, and networking with other guests, be sure to create your profile.

  • Click on the circle with your initials on the top right, and then click ‘My Profile’ from the dropdown menu.

  • Choose the ‘Edit profile’ option.

  • You can now add a profile pictu