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Virtual Experiences, Real Connections

Want to keep your audience completely immersed at your next online event? 
At ACE Virtual Events, we create interactive virtual experiences that foster community building and lasting connections.


ACE is your premier choice for creating exceptional digital events.

ACE Virtual Events

As more companies turned to virtual events, ACE was founded with the purpose of offering audiences something more than just dreary online meetings.


Our event solutions encompass anything from smaller social networking events to more intricate full-scale virtual conferences. 

By combining the excitement of in-person events and the flexibility of virtual venues, we have been able to create exceptional events for our clients every time, and we can do the same for you.



"Thank you ACE for being exceptional partners and always delivering!
We have a great time working together and appreciate how easy and fun you make it.

Together, we’ve delivered over 100 hours of next-level virtual experiences and we look forward to many more years of partnership."

—  Fallon Cryer | Partner @  BeeDance

ACE Virtual Events planning sucessful events

One of the keys to a successful event is planning. With over 100 virtual events in 2020 alone, we can honestly say that we have a knack for planning successful virtual events.  ACE events run smooth, clean, and ready to blow the socks off of your attendees (and your CEOs too).

ACE Virtual Evet customization

Due to our extensive technical knowledge of the platform, we are able to offer a level of customization and branding that no other company can offer.

ACE Vitual Events flexibiilty

We come from the trade shows and entertainment industries world. We get it, things change.  ACE is with you every step of the way, making sure that no matter what changes come up, we have your back.

ACE technical support

One factor that sets us apart from our competition, is a deep understanding of the platforms we utilize.

This allows us to provide strong scalable tech support teams to help your attendees, giving you peace of mind.

ACE - Founders Lounge layout
ACE - Founders Lounge layout

Remo floor plan

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Conference room layout
Conference room layout

remo floor plan, virtual floor plan

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Banquet hall layout
Banquet hall layout

remo floor plan design, virtual floon plan

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ACE - Founders Lounge layout
ACE - Founders Lounge layout

Remo floor plan

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The ACE team is made up of highly trained, relentless tech personnel, who boast hundreds of hours producing virtual events.
We know the ins and outs of digital events and are fully versed in the platforms we utilize, so you can give your guests an unmatched experience.
If you’re looking for the closest thing to an in-person event at a fraction of the cost, then we’d be happy to help you ACE your next event.

Meet The Team:

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